Second Cycle Programmes
(Master's Degree)

D.1. General Information about Program


Information Management Program offered in The Informatics Institute at Hacettepe University aims to educate creative and self-confident information professionals with leadership capabilities who can design, implement and run information systems so that individuals, organizations and the society can get the utmost benefit from the recorded, printed and electronic information repositories; and train the new generation of researchers with a high degree of knowledge about their specialties who can conduct original research and offer the new knowledge produced to the service of the society.

The official language of the program is Turkish.

D.2 Qualification Awarded


Non-thesis Master's Degree

D.3. Level of Qualification



D.4. Provisions for Registration


Each student in accordance with the admission requirements of Hacettepe University can apply for admission to Information Management the Secondary Master's Non-Thesis Program. However, the student might be asked to take some or all of the preparatory courses depending on the background of the student.

The preparatory courses are listed below. Note that the credits of these courses will not be reflected to the credits required for the graduation of the student.

Preparatory Courses

1. BAR 501 Introduction to Information Studies

2. BBS 514 Structural Programming

3. BBS 516 Data Structures and Algorithms

D.5. Qualification Requirements and Regulations


The expected duration of Information Management Master's Degree Program without Thesis is 1.5 years (3 semesters). The students who exceed this limit is obliged to the regulations of Hacettepe University about graduate studies. Information Management Master's Degree Program consists of at least 10 courses, in total not less than 60 ECTS credits, along with a Term Project course. The required ECTS credits divided per each semester are given in Table 1:

Table 1. The required AKTS credits per each semester.

............LECTURES.............................RESEARCH WORK
...30 ECTS...........30 ECTS.........................30 ECTS

The total credit of the semester project is 30 ECTS and evaluated as failed or passed. The student is obliged to register the semester project course in the related semester and is required to hand in a written report.

The students who are admitted to the program on the condition that they are required to take some preparatory courses can only start to the program officially once they successfully finish these courses

D.6. Specific Arrangements for Recognition of Prior Learning


It is possible to transition from graduate programs in the university or other higher education institutions to the master's degree program of the department. The necessary conditions are stated in the regulations of Hacettepe University Graduate Education and Examination. In addition, studying at a higher education institution under graduate or graduate education or who want to improve their skills by completing a specific subject knowledge and practice may attend the classes as a special student with the approval of the head of the department and the instructor of the course.

D.7. Goals and Objectives


Information Management Program aims to educate creative and self-confident information professionals with leadership capabilities who can design, implement and run information systems.

D.12. Occupational Profiles of Graduates with Examples


The graduates of this program can work in private or government sectors as experts in information management.

D.14. Profile of the Programme


The courses offered in the program are all one semester-long courses and they have no prerequisites.

In the first two semesters, students take a total of 10 elective courses related to the fields of expertise that they plan to involve in. The ECTS credit of each course is set to 6 ECTS credits.

In the third semester, each student is expected to finish a semester project that is equivalent to 30 ECTS credits. Students are eligible for graduation after successfully completing 90 ECTS credits in the courses listed in the Course Structure Diagram.

Students can take elective courses from another program by not exceeding a certain number and with the approval of the head of department. At least three of the elective courses (except the Preparatory Courses and Term Project courses) must be taken from the Information Management field (courses with the BAR code).

D.15. Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading


Assessment and evaluation methods for every course, are described in detail in “Evaluation System” tables which prepared by the faculty members and included in the information package. Hacettepe University Education, Instruction and Examination Regulations items apply about the exams and course success notes.

D.16. Graduation Requirements


Students who satisfy the requirements in the Hacettepe University Graduate Education, Instruction and Examination Regulations can graduate.

D.17. Education Type


2. Full Time Education

D.18. Programme Director


Prof. Dr. ┼×ahap Arma─čan TARIM

Tel : +90 (312) 297 71 93

e-posta :