Second Cycle Programmes
(Master's Degree)

D.1. General Information about Program


Wood Products Industrial Engineering Graduate Program, began teaching in the academic year 1985-1986.

This program has a curriculum for researchers, planners, practitioners and managers that work in the institutions/organizations within the wood products industry and furniture sector. The courses designed under the theory of global competition, according to international standards to ensure production of quality wood-based products and furniture.

D.2 Qualification Awarded


Master's Degree

D.3. Level of Qualification



D.4. Provisions for Registration


Applicants who have an undergraduate degree from the departments approved by the Administration Board of the Institute of Graduate Studies in Science upon the suggestion of the Academic Board of the Master Program of Wood Products Industrial Engineering can apply for this program.

All applications, admissions and registration procedures are governed by the Hacettepe University's Graduate Degree Education and Examination Regulations. The following requirements should be satisfied in order to apply for the Master Program in Wood Products Industrial Engineering:

Bachelor's degree,

Sufficient score from the centralized Academic Staff Graduate Education Entrance Examination (ALES),

Certificate of English Proficiency,

Admission is based on the evaluation of the department.

D.5. Qualification Requirements and Regulations


Master's Degree is awarded to students who have:

Successfully completed at least 10 different graduate courses (including seminar) with minimum 60 ECTS credits no later than the 2nd semester,

Maintained a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.75 over 4.00,

Prepared a Master thesis and passed a Thesis Defence Examination.

Students must attend classes, practical and laboratory sessions, and examinations. Students must attend at least 80% of theoretical lectures and practical sessions. Student's attendance is tracked by the instructor concerned.

D.6. Specific Arrangements for Recognition of Prior Learning


It is only possible to recognize formal prior learning of transfer students from different universities under the coordination of the Institute of Graduate Studies in Science of Hacettepe University:

Hacettepe University's Graduate Degree Education and Examination Regulations.

D.7. Goals and Objectives


The graduate program of Wood Products Industrial Engineering aims to train both academics and experts in order to fulfil the requirements for establishing the interdisciplinary relations in the fields of wood products industry, furniture sector, and other related fields. The objective of the program tends to expect the abilities for research and development of solutions in theoretical issues for candidates considering the social, industrial and environmental problems, emphasizing development in the wood products industry and furniture sector in the context of global competition.

D.12. Occupational Profiles of Graduates with Examples


The wood products industrial engeneers awarded with the graduate degree of Wood Products Industrial Engineer can be recruited under design, research and development, manufacturing, management sections of privite companies in wood products industry and furniture sector, academic, consultancy establishments such as Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, Ministry of Environment and Urbanism, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, universities, institutes, and other institutions during education and after graduation.

D.13. Access to Further Studies



D.14. Profile of the Programme


This is a second cycle degree program in engineering, Wood Products Industrial Engineering (120 ECTS). As the level of qualification of this programme is Second Cycle (Master's Degree), the students will be awarded, on successful completion of the programme and gain competencies, a degree of Master in Wood Products Industrial Engineering.

D.15. Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading


In addition to midterm examinations and other assignments, students are required to take a final examination. The student is given a grade by the course instructor, based on the midterm examinations, final examinations, the semester‘s work and attendance. All examination results are converted into lettered scale; A1, A2, A3, etc.

Courses which do not require midterm and/or final examinations are determined by the department concerned, and the Registrar's Office is informed accordingly. Under these circumstances, the semester grade is given by evaluating the work done throughout the semester.

The practical and/or laboratory components may be evaluated separately. In this case, the course and practical and/or laboratory sessions taken separately must fulfill


D.16. Graduation Requirements


Same as the Qualification Requirements.

Official length of the program is normally 2 years, 2 semesters per year, and 16 weeks per semester.

D.17. Education Type


1. Full Time Education

D.18. Programme Director


Prof. Dr. Ä°lker Usta


+ 90 312 297 68 85