Second Cycle Programmes
(Master's Degree)

D.1. General Information about Program


Clinical Pharmacy Department started its academic structure in Hacettepe University Faculty of Pharmacy in 1990s and continues its academic activities under a separate department in 2013. As of the 2005-2006 academic year, the 5-year program was initiated as in other Pharmacy Faculties in our country and the ‘Clinical Pharmacy / Pharmaceutical Care' course was made compulsory for all faculties in the core curriculum. With the continuation of undergraduate education since 2005, it has become inevitable to establish master's and doctoral programs as a result of increasing interest and demand for this field. For this reason, this program has been created with the aim of responding to the continuous professional training needs of pharmacists and creating an environment for academic studies with the thesis and non-thesis graduate programs established by the Department of Clinical Pharmacy.

The language of instruction of the program is Turkish. Students must take at least 24 local credits / 120 ECTS course credits in order to graduate. In addition to theoretical courses, practical courses are included in the curriculum. The elective courses related to the basic and professional courses mentioned in the program are given by the related departments of Hacettepe University Institute of Health Sciences and related departments within the University. Applied courses are conducted in free pharmacies and hospital pharmacies as well as inpatients and outpatient clinics.

D.2 Qualification Awarded


Master's Degree

D.3. Level of Qualification



D.4. Provisions for Registration


Being a pharmacist. 

To have ALES (SAY / EA) score type and ALES and Foreign Language base score determined by the Board of Health Sciences Institute and approved by Hacettepe University Senate (

Hacettepe University Graduate Education and Examination Regulations and Health Sciences Institute to meet the application requirements.

D.5. Qualification Requirements and Regulations


In order to graduate from the program, students must select minimum 60 ECTS credits and compulsory courses; 60 ECTS credits. Acquisition of at least 25% of total course credits from elective courses in and out of the field, successful completion of courses in accordance with the provisions of Hacettepe University Graduate Education and Examination Regulations, and ensuring at least 2,50 general academic average and successful completion of thesis work and defense. conclusion is required. (



D.6. Specific Arrangements for Recognition of Prior Learning


 Successful students who have studied at least one semester in the graduate programs of the university or other higher education institutions may apply to transfer to another graduate program carried out at the University. In order for applications to be accepted; the student must have at least 65 (C1) grades from each of the courses taken at least for one semester.

 The acceptance and adjustment of the students whose transfer is approved by the department board is finalized by the decision of the board of directors of the institute.



D.7. Goals and Objectives


The aim of the Clinical Pharmacy graduate education program is to enable students to acquire a certain knowledge of drugs and their treatment and to acquire multidisciplinary, investigative, questioning and evidence-based practice skills in line with the principles of rational drug use, taking into consideration the public interest; to gain the ability to conduct scientific research, access to information, evaluate and interpret information.


D.12. Occupational Profiles of Graduates with Examples


Graduates from this program with pharmacists in community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy or hospital inpatient services in their or clinics, universities, educational and research fields, Medicine and Medical Devices Agency of Turkey and the Public Health Agency of public institutions and organizations, such as drug and poison information centers, pharmaceutical consulting companies and professional organizations.


D.13. Access to Further Studies



D.14. Profile of the Programme


The program consists of theoretical and practical courses and thesis work. 60% of the courses are compulsory and 40% are elective. Elective courses consist of in-field and out-of-field courses and begin from the first semester of education. Applied courses are offered in free pharmacy and hospital pharmacies, inpatient services and outpatient clinics. Compulsory courses in the program are semester and elective courses can be offered in both semesters. There is only a prerequisite for Basic Clinical Pharmacy II and Basic Clinical Pharmacy II. While the courses in the program provide the student with the basic information about the field starting from the first semester, practical courses are aimed at transforming the learned knowledge into skills and competence.


D.15. Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading


Exams consist of midterm exams, general exams,The success of a course is determined by the course grade. Students who get at least C1 (65-69 out of 100) from a course are considered successful. The course grade is obtained by evaluating the student's success in the semester (mid-term exams, homeworks, practical studies and similar) and the final exam together. The effect of mid-term evaluations on course success grade is 50%. Students who do not take the general exam are considered to be unsuccessful.

D.16. Graduation Requirements


In order to graduate from the program, students must complete a special subject course including 60 ECTS courses and 60 ECTS thesis work, provided that the total credit is not less than 24 credits. The thesis must be successfully completed in accordance with the provisions of the Hacettepe University Graduate Education and Examination Regulations and provide at least 2.50 GPA.

D.17. Education Type


1. Full Time Education

D.18. Programme Director


Prof. Dr. Aygin EKİNCİOĞLU

Head of Clinical Pharmacy Department

0312 305 2043