Third Cycle Programmes
(Doctorate Degree/Doctor of Fine Arts)

D.1. General Information about Program


Department of Art History was founded in 1965-1966 academic year. In 1982, due to its curriculum content, the program's name changed as Archaeology and Art History. In 1988, it started to cover two different programs: “Art History” and “ Archaeology of Proto-history and Near-East”. In 1997 Art History division became an independent department, including three different divisions as “Turkish and Islamic Art”, “Byzantine Art”, and “Western and Contemporary Art”.

With well-established educational system, the department has been training both undergraduate and postgraduate students by providing them the ability to identify, interpret and evaluate the art objects, and movable or immovable cultural properties, that are found not also in Turkey but also elsewhere in the world. The department also creates awareness among the students to protect the works of art and gives them sense of responsibility to hand them down to the next generations. After completing their degrees, the graduates could use the information and skill they have acquired during their education life by taking charge in the universities which has the department of art history or in relevant public or private institutions. Thus, they make contribution to the durability and continuance of the art, works of art, history and cultural properties.

Department has its own visual collection holding over 33 000 slides of works of art and architecture. In addition to University's general library, there is a library in the department (1600 titles) which consists of the books of two late faculty members and donations from several institutions. Furthermore, 5 personal computers with their scanners and printers are placed in a computer room to serve to the use of department students. All classes are provided with computers and data projections which are available for the undergraduate and graduate courses.

In Ph.D programme, the medium of instruction is Turkish. There isn't any course given in foreign language.

D.2 Qualification Awarded



D.3. Level of Qualification



D.4. Provisions for Registration


1. Applicants must hold either an Undergraduate and/or Master's Degree in Art History. Also they might hold an equivalent degree in the fields of History, Philosophy, Sociology, Archaeology, Anthropology, Architecture, in Turkish studies and in Restoration, Archeometry History of Architecture as well as Museology .

2. Master degree GPA must be at least 3.00 over 4.00 (four)

3. Applicants who wish to pursue a degree at the graduate school must hold a minimum of 60 out of 100 in any kind of Academic Personnel And Postgraduate Education Entrance Exam (ALES) scores set by Students Selection and Placement System (OSYM). In order to enroll in the graduate program prospective applicants should also submit a successful foreign language test score (for instance a min. of 60/100 is required from Language Proficiency Test (YDS) by the department by taking any one of either national or internationally renowned proficiency exams. For the equivalent and/or compatible tests please see the Postgraduate Education and Exam Regulations of Hacettepe University.

4. International students' applications are accepted in line within “Hacettepe University Graduate Programme and Exam Regulation" in Official Gazette (29 November 2016, No:29900).

5. Applicants must provide a portfolio including a full and detailed CV, an expression of interest, their project proposal, and enclosed reference letters. The complete portfolios are to be submitted to the departmental secretary during the application period.

6. Applicants must take two exams: one written and one oral. The oral exam is a prerequisite of the written exam. The accepted students of the oral exam could be required to take undergraduate courses that the academic jury determined for them and to be successful in the preparatory program of History of Art.

7. Those conditions, which are not included, are applied in accordance with the related provisions of the Hacettepe University Graduate Education, Instruction and Examination Regulations (Hacettepe ├ťniversitesi Lisans├╝st E─čitim, ├ľ─čretim ve S─▒nav Y├Ânetmeli─či).

D.5. Qualification Requirements and Regulations


Ph.D programme in the Department of Art History is comprised of ten courses which should be at least internal 29 credits in total and a dissertation study. According to the European Credit Transfer System, the studentsshould accomplish the courses, which are at least 120 credits in total, and the dissertation study which is 120 credits to complete their Ph.D degree. For the graduation requirements, the relevant items of Hacettepe University Graduate Education and Regulations for Examination are accepted.

D.6. Specific Arrangements for Recognition of Prior Learning


In the Ph.D programme, the equivalency of the courses, taken by the students who have studied in other higher education institutions in Turkey or abroad,is accepted according to the relevant regulations.

D.7. Goals and Objectives


Ph.D program in the department of Art History aims to create art historians who get a critical and questioning attitude by using the interdisciplinary approach, and invent original ideas and notions as a result. These art historians are equipped with artistic and cultural knowledge and values, and have acquired awareness for handing the works of art down to the next generations by protecting them.

D.12. Occupational Profiles of Graduates with Examples


Ph.D graduates of Art History programme could be academic staff in the art history departments of the universities. Besides, they could take charge in public institutions such as the Ministery of Culture and Tourism, museums, office of the governor, and General Directorate for Foundations;in libraries, General Directorate of State Archives and research institutes.

D.13. Access to Further Studies


D.14. Profile of the Programme


According to the European Credit Transfer System, in Ph. D programme the ratio of the elective courses is %37,5 while the ratio of compulsory courses is % 62,5. Compulsory courses are comprised of Preparation for Proficiency Exam which is two credits, and non-credit Special Topics which involves dissertation studies. The students are allowed to take three of the nine elective courses, which they have to take from the beginning of first semester they enroll in the program, from the other departments or universities with the decision of academic commission and advisor. The courses are determined according to each semester.

The students are required to take 29 credits of 10 courses (─░nternal proficiensy exam). Only after their dissertation proposal is accepted by the academic committee, they will be able to start their thesis study. The committee is formed and assigned by the academic council of the department to supervise the student's academic activity, who meets at the end of each semester with the student discussing her/his ongoing study. At the end of 8 semesters (which can be extended if accepted by the Social Sciences Institute), the student is required to complete her/his dissertation and defend it in front of a committee consisting of 5 professor examiners, at least one of whom is an external member.

For further information see “The Postgraduate Education and Exam Regulations of Hacettepe University”


D.15. Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading


The method of assessment and evaluation, applied in every courses, are defined in Instructional Methods and Techniques which are prepared by the relevant academic members, and can be found in the Information Package.

For further information see “The Postgraduate Education and Exam Regulations of Hacettepe University”

D.16. Graduation Requirements


Concerning the graduation requirements for the programme, the relevant items of Hacettepe University Graduate Education and Regulations for Examination are accepted. To graduate from the programme, ten courses which makes up the internal 29 credits (120 ECTS) and dissertation study (120 ECTS) are required to be accomplished. For further information see “The Postgraduate Education and Exam Regulations of Hacettepe University”

D.17. Education Type


1. Full Time Education

D.18. Programme Director


Prof. M. Sacit PEKAK

Tel: 0312 297 82 75

Fax: 0312 299 20 05

E-mail: sacit@hacettepe.edu.tr